Bringing Service to Life — Video Transcript

Introduction: Generations of ERIE Employees have lived the promise to be Above all in SERVICESM. It’s a staple of the company’s foundation and a value that is deeply rooted in our history and culture. The slogan was coined by founder H.O. Hirt, and is embedded in everything we do. Listen to how one ERIE Employee recently delivered this promise of service.

ERIE’s relationship between Agents and underwriters is unique to the industry. Diana Daugherty, personal lines underwriter, knows the value of this relationship. That’s why she spent several hours away from her day-to-day responsibilities training a new ERIE Agent.

Steve Baughman, Agent, Newman Insurance Associates: “I had been an Agent for 23 years in Pennsylvania. And I moved to North Carolina and took over an ERIE Agency down there. When I came to agent training school the company realized that there was something else that I need to learn. So they put me in a room with Diana Daugherty and she went on a one-to-one basis with me and taught me what the differences were in the underwriting guidelines and the policy coverages between Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Diana Daugherty, personal lines underwriter: “At first I was a little nervous about it because I had never actually sat down and trained someone, but in reality, I do that all day long. I took my manuals down to the conference room to meet with Steve and went over rules, guidelines and a little bit of the rates with him. I explained the different rating information and the different rules and where he was able to find it. I went over the endorsements with him. I found I thought it was going to be very productive for both of us.”

Steve: “When Diana helped me, she took time out from her busy schedule to take several days and teach me the differences that I need to know. I was very impressed with that.”

Diana: “When an Employee is presented with an opportunity like this, the benefits that you receive to have that one-on-one and gain that relationship with somebody that you’re going to be working with day in and day out, is something that I don’t think you should pass up.”

Steve: “Being able to call my underwriter, Diana Daugherty, and discuss it on a one-to-one basis with her, is one of the best things that I think Erie Insurance has to offer. It’s just fantastic.”

Closing: Stories like the one you just heard are one way that ERIE is keeping its commitment to being Above all in SERVICESM. Employees like this make The ERIE a unique and different insurance company.

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