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I’m with ERIE

January 30, 2013

Extreme DetailsHolly Jacobs, award-winning Harlequin romance novelist
ERIE Customer with Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance Agency in Erie, Pa.

Where you’ve seen her name: On the cover of more than 50 different romance novels, of which she’s sold more than 2.5 million in 25 countries to date.

Extreme DetailsWhy love stories? Holly says she’s been drawn to reading, and then writing, ever since she can remember. Earlier in her career, she toyed with other genres before finding the right fit with a PG-13 kind of romance writing. “I like romance because it’s about people and relationships,” Holly says. “I can add in suspense or mystery, but romance boils down to the characters. What could be more satisfying than people overcoming the odds?”

Her definition of romance: For Holly and her police officer husband, romance isn’t about flowers, candy or candlelight. It’s about little ways of loving one another. For her, it’s when her husband makes the bed even though he doesn’t think it’s worth the effort. For her husband, it’s when she mulches the fall leaves even though she prefers a leaf-filled lawn.

A Valentine read: If Valentine’s Day puts you in the mood for a sweet read, consider Once Upon a Valentine’s. The third book in Holly’s “American Dads” series is a touching tale about new love. For more page-turning titles from Holly, check out

When she’s not writing: Holly became a writer after staying home to raise her four children. So when she’s not meeting her five pages-a-day quota, promoting her books or speaking publically about her craft, family time is a top priority. Other pastimes include basket making and genealogy.

Why ERIE? “We go way back with Erie Insurance,” says Holly. “It started with my husband’s family having ERIE, and we’ve been with ERIE for more than 20 years. Our grown children have ERIE, too. Right now, we have policies on three cars, two houses and a cottage along with an umbrella policy. The people at Mantsch-Lafaro make it easy–we wouldn't think about going anywhere else.”


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