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Green chef, green restaurant

May 12, 2011

Todd BrickenTodd Bricken , Owner of Brick Ridge Restaurant
Customer with Matney Insurance Agency in Mount Airy, Md.

Brick Ridge RestaurantHometown: Westminster, Md.

School house turned delicious: Once the Ridge #4 Schoolhouse, back in 1892, the Brick Ridge Restaurant now offers delicacies from places like New York, Oklahoma, Nebraska, California and, of course, Maryland—all inspired by Todd, a chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), and his travels.

What’s on the menu: San Fran Scallops, Maryland Crab Fondue, steaks galore, plenty of fish, a Grilled Rack of Lamb and more. Weekly specials occasionally feature culinary delights from a particular state. 

Wash it down: With a glass of homemade lemonade, made with a splash of soda and/or a splash of pomegranate juice.
Partially powered by the wind: Neat history, neat menu and neat environmental efforts—Todd brought 2011 energy to the 1892 structure by partially powering the restaurant with a windmill out back.

Why go green? “Being green is just kind of a hobby of mine,” says Todd. “We grow a lot of our own vegetables, we compost the scraps from the kitchen, we collect rain water. It’s just something I enjoy.”

Why ERIE? Todd’s new to ERIE and came in part because of the great local service. “The Matneys were customers of the restaurant for a long time, so when I was shopping, I talked to them. I like keeping the business local, and they’re great people. We’ve switched all our insurance—business and personal—over to the Matney Insurance Agency and ERIE. I’ve been really happy with both the price and the service—it’s great.”

This article was originally published July 27, 2010