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Why Buy Personal Catastrophe
and Liability Protection?

Like an umbrella, this policy keeps
you covered when it's really coming down

October 8, 2010

Umbrella policy“I never thought it would happen to me"
We have a story on that goes something like this: “I told my son and his friends not to run around our pool. And I told them not to run around with flippers on their feet—not at my house. They listened…until I turned my back. Sure enough, what was bound to happen happened…”

In this story, everyone survived the incident more or less intact, but it highlights one thing: It’s good to have backup for when bad accidents happen.

For life’s big ones, a Mastercover policy from Erie Insurance can help you stay financially safe. It’s ERIE’s name for personal catastrophe and liability (PCL) coverage, commonly known as an umbrella policy.

Why consider one?
ERIE’s Mastercover is designed to give you extra financial protection if you or a family member were to be held liable for personal injury or property damage.

It’s for times when the liability limits on your auto or home insurance aren’t enough. When you’re traveling out of the country. When the ‘I never thought it would happen to me’ happens. And it comes at a very affordable price.

Here’s how it works:
A Mastercover policy can be purchased in addition to your ERIE auto, boat or homeowners policy. It will provide extra liability protection for accidents that could happen at your home or on the road. Check out these benefits:

  • Extra protection if someone is hurt on your property.
  • Extra protection if a covered driver causes an accident and is liable for injury to others or property damage.
  • Worldwide coverage for actions of family members that may cause injury to others or property damage. (This includes, for instance, a car accident in Mexico or Canada that your auto insurance may not cover.)
  • Award-winning claims service that ensures you will be contacted promptly after reporting a loss.
  • It’s a lot of coverage, for a low cost

Mastercover policies offer $1 million or more in extra liability coverage, and premium can be as low as $200 per year.

Plus, if a lawsuit were to happen, ERIE can help you fight the battle. You should only need your insurance coverage if you’re truly found liable. Your ERIE home, auto or boat insurance can help you cover legal costs if you are taken to court, and when that coverage runs out, your Mastercover policy can step up to the plate.

Interested? Give your ERIE Agent a call today.

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