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Designer for Steinway & Sons

October 8, 2010

Terry HuntTerry Hunt , High-end Furniture and Piano Designer
Customer with the Long Agency in Mount Morris, N.Y.

Piano from Steinway & SonsHome: Canandaigua, N.Y.

Designer extraordinaire: The bulk of Terry’s design work comes in the form of high-end office furniture. He works for companies such as: Source International in Massachusetts, Cabot Wrenn in North Carolina and Gunlocke Company in New York. He designs chairs and tables, builds prototypes, and then the factories reproduce and sell the pieces.

More than chairs: He also designs rare pianos. When Steinway & Sons is looking for a signature piano design, they often call Terry. He designs them one-of-a-kind, working with Steinway over the course of a year for each one.

From idea to art: Costing between $350,000 and $750,000, Terry’s rare pianos leave behind the traditional architecture of the instrument. “I like to violate every single rule about building a piano in order come up with a truly unique instrument,” he says. “With every one, it’s a challenge; I try to push it a little farther than the last one.”
Terry often uses mixed media such as cast aluminum legs and wood. Steinway & Sons then turns it into a musical instrument. They trade the instrument back and forth four times before it’s finished.
Unusual design requests: Terry’s skills in woodworking and industrial design aren’t limited to office furniture and pianos. He also has residential clients who have commissioned him to build clocks and entertainment systems to accommodate seven-foot screens. His most unusual job was to create extravagantly large fish tanks for a client in Rochester, N.Y.

Why Mastercover? “Previously, I had five different insurance Agents,” says Terry. “Finally, I met with my ERIE Agent Andy Long (of Long Insurance Agency), and he showed me that PCL insurance was a fantastically simpler approach that was also very cost effective.”

How his Agent helped: “I’m in a unique line of work, and Andy has been able to help me analyze what I need and every liability possibility for my business and my life. Now, I finally feel like I understand the insurance I’m buying.”

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