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Faust Automotive, keeping cars running just fine

March 5, 2010

Ken and Ann Faust
Customers with Foppe Insurance in Breese, Ill.
Ken and Ann Faust

Hometown: Aviston, Ill.

A love for cars: Ken grew up on a family farm, but unlike his brothers, he found he loved fixing farm equipment rather than plowing the field. He learned how to be a mechanic from fixing tractors before moving onto cars.

Husband and wife team: Ken turned his love of mechanics into a career. Today, he and his wife Ann own and operate Faust Automotive & Tires. Ken oversees the quality of repair, and Ann keeps the books.

Teaching what he knows:
Ken knows his stuff, having worked on cars for more than 26 years. “What I really love now, though,” Ken says, “is teaching what I know and helping other mechanics learn about different types of vehicles.”

Ken also makes it a point to teach his staff how to be safe on the job and get the job done right. “Our job is to watch out for the customer,” Ann says, “and, to do things right the first time. Ken makes sure the mechanics know how to do this.”

What they drive: In addition to their classic 1970s Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible that Ken fixed up, they drive a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban and 2003 Chevrolet Impala.

Why ERIE? “I’ve known our Agent, Bill Foppe, for a long time,” Ann says. “We went to high school together, and so when I saw he was an insurance agent, I knew who I was dealing with. Also, he was the one who turned us on to ERIE six years ago when we were shopping for both our personal and commercial insurance. ERIE has a good policy and a good program; it’s been a great fit.”
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