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A Blast from the Past

Columnist Kathy Felong lists her
favorite insurance tips from the last decade

March 5, 2010
By Kathy Felong

Learn from burglars
What’s the best away to avoid being robbed by a thief? Think like one. In this story from the Summer ’03 issue of ERIE’s Customer magazine, two professors hang out with hoodlums and get the skinny on how home break-ins happen and what you can do to keep your house secure.

Avoid mistake #3, from “Five Mistakes Good Drivers Make”
Turns out that soup can in the back seat can be a little deadly — but only if it flies forward in an accident. Keeping objects secure in the car is a key to safety. Here’s the excerpt from Winter/Spring ’06.

Discover Your Angry Zone
Feeling annoyed? Aggravated? Angry? Plenty of us get irked by the behavior of other drivers. But whose problem is it anyway? Leon James, Ph.D., road rage expert, is certain that he can identify one of the most aggressive drivers in your neighborhood: you.

He talks about how road rage can get the best of even the most conscientious drivers in this story from Fall ’03. Want more? Take a quiz to see how prone you are to road rage.

Let Your Life Insurance Follow Your Life
Life takes you all sorts of places. Will your life insurance follow? How much — and what kind — of life insurance you need changes as your life does. Milestones like getting married, buying a house and having a baby all change your needs. This story from Fall ’03 lays it all out, including how to use the DIME method of buying life insurance or using a life insurance calculator.

Kathy Felong is supervisor of Publications at Erie Insurance. Her first magazine for ERIE featured an Indiana Jones-type character taming a home improvement project. E-mail her at


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