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Readiness means peace of mind

May 8, 2012
By Kathleen Felong

With a heavily-stocked handbag—and the right insurance—anyone can be ready to deal.

I am a bag lady through and through. I grew up watching “Let’s Make a Deal,” the 1970s TV game show hosted by the plaid-jacketed, quick-talking Monty Hall. “You can have what’s behind Curtain Number 1 or $500. What do you want to do?”

At the end of the show, Monty would jaunt through the audience and offer women hard cash if they could pull from their purse just about anything Monty could dream up--a rubber band, a pocket calendar (remember those?), a hard-boiled egg even. Every time a poor woman would come up from her pocketbook empty, I’d make a mental note. (Keep eggs handy. Check.)

Like all good childhood lessons, that one manifested itself into a habit worth any good therapist’s time. Today, you will find me forever schlepping a bag or two of items I consider essential to readiness.

My current tote is toting a spritzer of perfume, some mints, an extra pair of shoes, a full makeup arsenal, a journal (remember those?), two pairs of reading glasses (different strengths), a phone, a wallet, an extra phone battery, a baggie full of assorted pens and Post-its,¨ a headband, a checkbook and a rosary. (Also: assorted coins, vitamins, cough drops and earrings in a jangly bottom feeder mix.)

Perhaps it’s why I ended up in insurance (I’ll let the therapist take that one). The truth is, though, my penchant for being prepared is something I hope for all of our Customers. Because preparedness is about more than the bag of sand in your car trunk or the extra guitar pick in your pocket. It’s also about being covered on the big things--your house, your car, your business, your life. That’s what insurance policies are for. It’s the what-you-have-just-in-case because sometimes just-in-case happens.

It happens every day. At least once every few months, I’ll go to glop on a little lip gloss at work only to discover I’ve left my make-up toolkit on the bathroom sink at home. The realization sends me into hive-mode. But I’m more concerned that I’ll lose my mother’s wedding set or back into my daughter’s car in the driveway some blizzardy morning. Being without the right financial coverage for the things that matter is a lot worse.

We make it a point to keep our Agent on speed dial. Life evolves. Grown kids move out — and move back in. Cars change hands. Kitchens get a facelift. Whether it’s part of an annual coverage review or because of a call we made, our Agent helps make sure we have the right insurance to protect us.
Knowing that means I get to carry something else with me at all times: peace of mind.

Kathleen Felong is a communications director at Erie Insurance in Erie, Pa., and is never a light traveler. Whether she’s heading across town or cross-country, she’s always fully loaded.

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