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Bye Bye, Bling

ERIE Agent helps Customer after devastating jewelry loss

July 9, 2010

Engagement ring
Nora Morris' original engagement ring, before the diamond was lost.

Little often girls dream of “happily ever after” with their Prince Charmings. ERIE Customer Nora Morris, Elkins, W.Va., was well on her way to her fairy tale future when it took an unexpected turn. Thankfully, her Agent, Gary Skinner of the Skinner Insurance Agency, was there to help.

It was two days before Thanksgiving and snowing heavily — even for West Virginia. Morris braved the cold and left home to get new tires put on her car. When she returned, she noticed that the vintage 1.5 carat yellow diamond on her engagement ring was missing.

“I only had the ring for about three months, and I immediately panicked,” Morris wrote in an e-mail to ERIE. “When my fiancé asked me to spend forever with him, I’m sure he meant more than three months.”

Morris searched the house from top to bottom, retraced her steps and even melted buckets of snow from her driveway and front walk. “I decided it was a lost cause,” she said.

But, fortunately, she had taken her mother’s advice and insured the ring when she got engaged. She dreaded telling Gary of the loss.

“I felt like I was telling bad news to a parent,” Morris said. “But when I called to report the missing ring, Gary was understanding, prompt and helpful.”

Gary and ERIE helped Morris find a replacement stone, had it re-mounted, and, of course, re-insured.

“Gary walked me through all of my insurance needs when we first met. And he always looks out for my well being whenever we talk,” Morris said.

Now a self-proclaimed insurance advocate, Morris says her friends and family also see the value of protecting the things that are important to them. “Thanks, ERIE, for helping me get back on track to happily ever after.”

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