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Five Ways to be Savvy When it Comes to Spending

June 18, 2010

Savvy spendingTough job market. Rising costs. The unexpected need for new tires. These and other increasing expenses can hammer family budgets. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to makesure you’re spending wisely when it comes toyour insurance. Some may help you cut your premium, while others will reduce your risk ofa financial loss.

Check your coverage
Reviewing your coverage with your ERIE Agent helps you make sure you’re not paying extra for coverage you don’t need. (At the same time, it’ll help you make sure you do have the coverage for when you really need it.)

Buy home and auto together
If you’re buying auto insurance from one company and homeowners insurance from another, chances are good you’re paying too much. You can save both money and hassle by having both your policies with the same insurance carrier. ERIE offers a discount off each policy when you have them both with the company. And, you can save an additional percentage if you purchase your life insurance through Erie Family Life.

Raise ’em right
Numerous studies have shown that children start learning to drive well before age 16, just by watching their parents. Setting a good example years ahead of time is important and can also lead to discounts. If your household is without an at-fault accident for at least five years before your son or daughter takes the wheel and your teen has no moving violations, you may qualify for the Youthful Driver Discount.

Having an accident-free record can help you qualify for other discounts too, like ERIE’s Safe Driver Discount if you’re a new auto Customer, our Pioneer Experience Rating Credit (PERC) if you’ve been with ERIE for a while and First Accident Forgiveness.

Stay around awhile
If you’re ever tempted to insurance shop—or hop—know that changing companies can lead to higher premiums over the long haul. ERIE offers lower rates for homeowners insurance based upon the number of years you’re continuously insured under an ERIE homeowners policy.* The longer you’re with ERIE, the more you’ll save.

Check before buying

Looking for a new ride? Consider the insurance cost before buying. It can help save, sometimes substantially. Safety features, such as side airbags, antilock brakes and security systems all make a difference.

Check with your Agent to learn how much it costs to insure particular models before buying.

*Discount not available in New York

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