November 2012

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Outsmart Cyber Monday thieves

Identity thieves prey on online shoppers—and they hit the jackpot during the holiday season. This year, protect your identity—and your wallet—by keeping a few things in mind. There are also special tips for smartphone users, a group cyber criminals are increasingly targeting.


Weird car noises and what they mean

Squeaking, hissing and growling, oh my! When your car spews strange noises, you know something’s up. But stumped as to what? Then take a look at our list of the likely culprits behind common car noises. (Also check out tips on how to hire a trustworthy mechanic.)

Chimney check-up

ERIE claims adjusters can share lots of stories about house fires that started in an unsafe chimney. Could yours pose a danger? Only a chimney inspection lets you know for sure. Read on to learn what chimney inspections entail, why they’re essential and how to hire a reputable chimney sweep.

Four timesavers for busy people

Pressed for time? We hear you—and we’re here to help! Check out the fast ways ERIE is answering your questions, processing your payments and handling your claims.

The benefits of beneficiaries

Your loved ones could face unnecessary expenses and heartache if you don’t correctly name your life insurance beneficiaries. Read on to learn more about choosing, naming and regularly reviewing your beneficiaries.

What I learned from being burglarized

One ERIE Employee recounts the lessons learned and the insight gained after experiencing a home invasion. Her story lists proven tips on making your home safer—and includes a happy ending.