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Police officer saves 5-year-old from fire

February 11, 2010

Tim Rose
Customer with Hanson Insurance Agency

Tim Rose, police officer

in Conneaut, Ohio

Hometown: Conneaut, Ohio

Occupation: Police officer

Where you've read his name: As reported in the Star Beacon. Rose saved a child’s life last spring, rescuing the 5-year-old girl from her burning house. The call came over the dispatch as he was heading back to the station from lunch.

“We, as police officers, usually don't respond to fires, and if we do it’s basic traffic duties,” Rose says. However, he was only about a block away from the location of the fire. When he arrived, a mother and her son had gotten out of the house, but people were screaming that someone was still inside.

“By that time, the house was burning and filled with smoke,” Rose says. “I was able to get up to the window, I caught a glimpse of her foot, and I was able to yank her out.”

Happy ending: The young girl was flown to the hospital but later released in good condition. Since then, she’s had the chance to meet her rescuer. “Everyone's doing well,” Rose says. “They had a nice little presentation at the school. I got to meet her mother, and I got to meet the girl.”

How he became an officer: After spending most of his life working in the family business — retail sales of lumber and hardware — Rose branched off to start his own business selling firearms. That put him in contact with other officers who became friends. After selling the family business, Rose went on to graduate from the police academy. He was appointed as an officer in his hometown of Conneaut, Ohio, where he has served for nearly four years.

Nostalgic value: Born and raised in Conneaut, Rose likes the comfort and familiarity of raising his three boys in the area. His mom still lives in town, and Rose actually lives in the house his grandfather built back in the 1920s, right down the street from the old family business.

Why ERIE?: Rose’s Agent, Chuck Hanson of Hanson Insurance Agency, was also the Agent for Rose’s parents. ERIE is the only insurance company he’s ever known, and thanks to Chuck, he’s never had a reason to change.

“When you’re comfortable with somebody, you trust in them,” Rose says. “When my dad passed away after a long bout with cancer, Chuck helped the family through some tough times. He was there the whole way. That's as personal as you can get.”