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June 3, 2010

Brittany Hills, Actress

Brittany Hills
Brittany Hills, actress

Hometown: Erie, PA

Current residence: Burbank, CA

Where you've seen her: On ABC's Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, and other theater, film and TV projects.

Of life & art: When she was 15, Brittany's health took an unexpected turn. She began feeling weak and developed a heart condition that prevented her from attending school. While she was sick and isolated from her friends, Brittany enjoyed watching the actors and actresses on Grey's Anatomy. They also inspired her. “They made a piece of my life happy even when I was miserable, and I wanted to be able to do that for someone else,” she said.

Following her dreams: Brittany refers to her health scare as “an awful period,” but as a result, she says she's found the urge to follow her dreams at a young age. She offers similar advice to others who may be hesitant to pursue their passion.

“People often hold back because they feel like they have all the time in the world,” she says. “You have to have faith in yourself. Figure out what it is that you want and chase it because you never know if there is going to be a tomorrow.”

Actress she admires: Meryl Streep. “I'd love to do the crazy character roles that she’s done someday.”

Erie celebs, coming together: Brittany recently met fellow Erie, Pa., native Pat Monahan, lead singer of Train, when she played the role of “Grammy Girl” in the music video for the band's song, “If It's Love.” Brittany said it was pretty cool meeting someone who went to the same high school as her and who’s gone on to achieve such great success.

Part of the ERIE family: Los Angeles is about 2,000 miles west of the nearest ERIE Agent, but Brittany says she would love to find a way to stay with ERIE when the time comes for her to get her own auto insurance. One of the biggest reasons for her loyalty is her father, Dan Hills, a claims auditor who has been an Employee with the company for more than a decade. “My dad loves his job,” Brittany says. “It's a very family-oriented company, and I think that's a reason why it's been such a great fit for us.”