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I’m with ERIE

Owners of the 4 millionth policy

March 23, 2009

Drew and Susan Stewart
Policyholder with First Affiliated Insurance Group in State College, Pa.

Hometown: Boalsburg, Pa.

Mike White

Drew Stewart and family won a gift basket for being purchasing ERIE’s four millionth policy in force. From left to right: ERIE Agent Rob Matheney, Drew Stewart holding 18-month-old Katie, Susan Stewart holding 3-year-old Will, and ERIE Employee Jim Keddie.

Occupation: Drew: a home mortgage consultant. Susan: a mechanical engineering research associate

One in a million: When Drew and Susan purchased their ERIE Homeowners insurance, they became the owners of ERIE’s 4 millionth policy in force.

Where they’ve been: Drew and Susan recently moved back home after living and working a few years in Atlanta, Ga. Before having two children, they loved to travel. Destinations included Zambia, Costa Rica, and England.

Where they’re going: Their son Will (3 years) and daughter Katie (1½ years) keep Drew and Susan busy on the home front nowadays, so they when they need to kick back, they head to their family’s lake cottage in Western New York. Someday, they hope to continue their world travel and visit Italy, Germany and Spain.

Why ERIE? “A lot of my mortgage clients were very pleased with their Erie Insurance policies and they made a point of telling me about it,” said Drew. “So, when it came time to evaluate our homeowners, I checked them out. Monica and Wendy at First Affiliate were so helpful that we ended up switching not only our home insurance, but our car insurance, too. We also purchased an umbrella policy—and even with the additional policy, we’re saving more than $1,200 per year."