Bringing Service to Life – Video Transcript

Jan Brown, Elaine Thompson and Kevin Murphy share their story in the first of several videos dedicated to service in action.

Introduction: Generations of ERIE Employees have lived the promise to be Above all in SERVICESM. It’s a staple of the company’s foundation and a value that is deeply rooted in our history and culture. The slogan was coined by Founder H.O. Hirt, and is embedded in everything we do. Listen to how one ERIE Employee recently delivered this promise of service.

Commercial Lines underwriter surprises Agent with visit. Commercial Underwriter Jan Brown took a two-hour detour during a family vacation to see Elaine Thompson, an agency employee with whom she had developed a 10-year friendship by phone. The visit was prompted in part by the recent death of Elaine’s husband of 53 years.

Elaine Thompson, Employee, Browning Reagle Insurance Agency: “Jan does a fantastic job as an underwriter. She’s always willing to help us, if she doesn’t know the answers she finds out, she’s very quick to answer our phone calls if we leave a message.

Jan Brown, commercial underwriter: “My friendship with Elaine is a wonderful friendship. And it’s a friendship that started, oh, 10 years ago. And, we just clicked.”

Elaine: “Jan came to see us in the agency, and to surprise me. Everybody in the office knew she was coming except me. When she walked in I thought, ‘I know that lady, I know it.’ And as soon as she opened her mouth I knew who she was.”

Jan: “When she finally realized it was me, and she recognized the voice, she couldn’t believe it. And she goes, ‘Jan?’ And she was just shocked. And then she went (puts hands up to face) and put her hands up like this, and I went over to her and I put my arm around her, and we hugged….There were tears in her eyes.

Kevin Murphy, Agent, Browning Reagle Insurance Agency: “One of the things that I thought was so special about Jan’s visit was that it seemed to me to be something that ERIE Employees do for fellow Employees, for Agents, and their Employees. I don’t think you get that from other companies and other professions like you do from The ERIE family. That’s what set it apart for me. ERIE and its Employees have always been encouraged, trained, it’s ingrained, it’s the corporate culture — to go above and beyond to be Above all in SERVICE.

Jan: Above All in SERVICE is one of the great things about ERIE because it’s a motto of the company, but it’s also a motto of the Employees. And so is the golden rule. You try to treat everybody as you want to be treated.

Closing: Stories like the one you just heard are one way that ERIE is keeping its commitment to being Above all in SERVICESM. Employees like this make The ERIE a unique and different insurance company.

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