Bringing Service to Life — Video Transcript

Introduction: Generations of ERIE Employees have lived the promise to be Above all in SERVICESM. It’s a staple of the company’s foundation and a value that is deeply rooted in our history and culture. The slogan was coined by founder H.O. Hirt, and is embedded in everything we do. Listen to how one ERIE Employee recently delivered this promise of service.

Property Adjuster Debbie Mongold was “just doing her job” when she responded to a house fire. Her Above all in SERVICE attitude helped the Policyholder uncover money that was stored away for Christmas gifts within the debris.

Deb Mongold, property claims specialist: “Normally when I get there initially on a claim, I try to explain the whole process to them and explain the cause and origin and why we do that. I try on all of my claims, if there’s little things that I can help do while I’m there I try to help do them. I like to be involved; I don’t like just to stand there and talk.

“On this case I was trying to find a safe deposit key so we could get in the safe deposit box. Fortunately I found his Christmas money for him. When I handed Mr. Grow the money, he was very happy and immediately went into the next room to call his wife at work to let her know that we had found the money.

“On Mr. Grow’s claim, they did not have a whole lot of anything left. They had a couple of homemade quilts that her grandmother had made. And I picked those up for him and took them to the dry cleaners and had ’em cleaned and picked ’em up and took ’em back to him.

“The thing I really like about my job is the helping that I do with the people to get their lives back on track and back to normal and to see them at the end of the rebuild process, back in their homes and happy again and with the majority of their contents they lost back.

“Another part of my job as a property specialist is how personal I get with my people and involved with their lives as they’re rebuilding. And that’s very important to me. They’re not just an ERIE insured or a Policyholder, they become my friend. And I’ve met lots of nice people this way.”

Closing: Stories like the one you just heard are one way that ERIE is keeping its commitment to being Above all in SERVICESM. Employees like this make The ERIE a unique and different insurance company.

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