Business Crime Program

In your business, you have people occupying positions of trust. Erie Insurance offers these options to protect you and your business.

  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Provides protection against the dishonest acts of your employees and covers loss of your money, merchandise and any other real or personal property.
  • Loss Inside the Premises Coverage – Provides coverage for money and securities due to loss by destruction, disappearance or wrongful extraction. It also covers your merchandise and other business property against loss or damage by robbery.
  • Loss Outside the Premises Coverage – Provides coverage for your money and securities from destruction, disappearance or wrongful extraction while conveyed by a messenger, an armored car company or while in the home of a messenger.
  • Depositors Forgery Coverage – Provides coverage for loss should someone, in an attempt to defraud you, alter the amount, name of payee or endorsement on a check, draft, or similar instrument issued by you.
  • Public Employees Dishonesty Coverage – Can be tailored to provide you with protection in the event your employees fail to perform their duties faithfully.

For more information, contact a local Erie Insurance Agent.

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