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Life Insurance Makeover

December 12, 2008

Looking for life insurance? Then you probably want peace of mind knowing your family is protected if something happens to you. With the state of the current economy, you might also be looking for peace of mind that your savings are safe.

Erie Family Life makes it easy to combine the need for both with its new line of universal life products.

“The great thing about universal life is that the policies act like regular life insurance—they protect your family—and they provide a great tax-deferred way to save,” says ERIE Agent Kevin Snyder of Michigan City, Ind. “The cash value of the policy can be used for retirement and college educations, or other big things that you save for.”

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Convert term life to whole life

Do you own an Erie Family Life term life policy? If so, you’re eligible to convert that term policy into a whole life or universal life policy in 2009 and beyond.

“Within the first 10 years of Erie Family Life’s new term policies, you can convert it to something longer-lasting,” Kevin explains. “Term is the most inexpensive way to purchase life insurance, especially for young families. So, the ability to convert lets you find coverage for a low cost and then grow the value of that policy as your family grows.”

Other term products issued by Erie Family Life also include conversion options. For more information on converting your term policies, call your ERIE Agent.

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