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Dryer Fires: A Real Danger

Fires caused by clothes dryers are much more common than most people think. Do you know how to stop one before it starts? If not, our fast and easy tips will teach you how.


Fun Getaways, Safe Stuff

Vacations become a lot less fun if you fall prey to lost luggage, pickpockets or hotel thieves. Protect your belongings by following advice from Detective Kevin Coffey, a leading travel safety expert.

A Q&A with Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Valastro

He may have a hit show and a booming business, but Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Valastro’s path to success was paved with misfortune. Learn about how he overcame early setbacks—and why he’s so sweet on life insurance.

Five Driving Resolutions Worth Making

Steer yourself in a new direction this year with these five driving resolutions. They aren’t nearly as hard as dropping pounds or kicking the habit, and they could save your life.

Winter Weather Driving Quiz

Do you know how to roll with Old Man Winter’s punches? Find out by taking our quick, seven-question quiz.

I’m With ERIE: Holly Jacobs, Award-winning Harlequin Romance Novelist

Find out why the writer and longtime ERIE Customer decided to pen love stories and how she and her husband keep the love alive.