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June 24, 2009

Erica Orloff
Policyholder with Pearce & Company Insurance Services in Colonial Heights, Va.

Hometown: Richmond, Va.

Occupation: Novelist

Erica Orloff

Erica Orloff, novelist

In a nutshell:
“Four kids, 20+ books = one tired mom.”

Where you’ve seen her name: On the spine of more than 20 novels and in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, Women’s World and American Girl. Her newest novel, out in June 2009, is Freudian Slip (published by Red Dress Ink).

A room of one’s own: Hardly. “After realizing that my childhood dreams of writing in a quiet and cozy attic garret in Paris were not going to come to pass, I settled for writing furiously in an office full of toys, children's musical instruments and backpacks, and a lot of noise.

Sidenote: “A sense of humor comes in very handy. So does coffee. And lots of it.”

How she rolls: Orloff’s routine? Nonexistent. “I can go two weeks and not write a single word, then write 40 pages in a day.”

A bundle of contradictions: The extroverted introvert says, “I love to throw parties, but wouldn’t mind going a month without seeing another soul. I’m a fiction writer who loves reading about quantum physics for my light bedtime reading. I’m a comedy writer who wouldn’t do stand-up for a million dollars. Oh … well, maybe for a million.”

Why Erie Insurance? “When I lived in another state, my insurance was ‘faceless.’ I had no idea who my agent was … I don’t even know if I had an agent. When I moved to Richmond three years ago, my sister, a long-standing ERIE customer, told me I just had to call her agency, the Pearce Agency in Colonial Heights. So I did. The office staff was so nice, and I found my Agent to be both caring and helpful. I like that.”

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