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I’m with ERIE

Retired radio personality on living in D.C.

March 5, 2010

Ken Beatrice, Retired Host of SportsCall
Customer with CNR Insurance in Annapolis, Md.

Hometown: Annapolis, Md.

Ken BeatriceOccupation: Now retired, Ken was a sports talk radio host for nearly 40 years in Boston and Washington, D.C.

“Ken-isms”: As heard on his radio show, SportsCall: “You don’t trade a yacht for a rowboat,” “If everyone were great, no one would be great,” and “You’re next,” the simple yet iconic transition he used between callers during his show.

On living and working in D.C.: “There are things that will drive you bananas like the humidity in the summer and the traffic, but it’s an extraordinary city. I’m talking about the surrounding areas, too, not just the District—it’s a city of neighborhoods in many ways.”

Why ERIE? When Beatrice moved to Annapolis, he knew he wanted a local insurer. That’s when he met Bill Reagle, now the principal Agent at CNR Insurance in Annapolis, Md. “I was very impressed with how much he knew,” Beatrice said. “He came up with a very good price, very good coverage and we kind of became friends. He’s a very personable and impressive guy, and I deal with people—not companies.”

One thing he’d change about the sports world if he could: He’d end the athlete tabloid talk and keep the focus on sports. He’s not interested in what Alex Rodriguez had for dinner, nor where Tom Brady went on a date.

What he misses most in retirement: Though he loves getting to spend time with his family, he does miss the callers. Beatrice said he regularly worked 72 hours a week when he was doing SportsCall. His work ethic and no-nonsense style earned him many loyal listeners along the way. “I tried to treat everybody with dignity and respect and 99.9 percent of them returned it in kind,” he said.

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