Pool Safety Rules

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 3,200 people drown each year. Among children, ages one to four, most drowned in residential swimming pools. There are several safety rules that pool owners should follow to prevent accidents and decrease potential liability exposure.

  • Install a fence around the pool area. This will help prevent people from using the pool without your knowledge and keep small children and animals out.
  • In addition to the fence, door alarms, locks and safety covers create a barrier of protection around the pool.
  • Never leave small children unsupervised in or around the pool — even for a minute.
  • Keep children away from pool filters. The suction may injure them or prevent them from reaching the surface.
  • Be sure all pool users know how to swim. Teach your children to swim as early as possible.
  • Develop a buddy system — don't swim alone or allow others to swim alone.
  • Don't allow anyone who has been drinking alcohol to swim in the pool.
  • Never dive into an above ground pool. Always check the water depth before plunging into an in-ground pool.
  • Don't allow your children to let their friends use the pool without your permission and supervision.
  • Don’t allow glass bottles or other potential hazards into the pool area.
  • Keep radios, CD players, blow dryers, and other electrical devices away from the pool.
  • Keep a secure cover on the pool during the off season.
  • Keep a first aid kit, ring buoys and reaching poles near the pool in case of emergency.

Consider having the adults in your home take basic first aid and CPR training.

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