General Info FAQs
Why do you need my address?

Erie Insurance needs to know where you live because:

      Your location is used to calculate your premium.

      It allows us to provide you with a list of Erie Insurance agencies in your area.

What if I am in the process of moving?

If you are moving in more than 30 days, use your current address.  

If you are moving in less than 30 days, use your new address.

Why do you need my telephone number?

We provide your telephone number to the Erie Insurance agency you select.  The agency will call you to discuss your quote, answer any questions, and gather additional information to finalize your quote.

Why do you need my e-mail address?

We need your e-mail address so that we can automatically forward the completed quote information to you for your records.  You can reference this e-mail when discussing your quote with an Erie Insurance agency.

Erie Insurance understands the importance of your privacy.  The e-mail address that you provide is kept confidential and secure, and is not sold or redistributed.

What is a valid e-mail address?

Make sure that you have entered your complete e-mail address.  For example, a complete AOL e-mail address looks like

Why do you want to know about other Erie Insurance policies I may have?

If you currently have other Erie Insurance policies, such as Home (i.e., a tenant policy, a mobile home policy) or Life, you may be eligible for a multi-policy discount that would lower your auto premium.

Note:  Other Erie Insurance auto insurance policies do not factor into multi-policy discount eligibility.

How does Erie Insurance protect my privacy and security?

Erie Insurance uses some of your personal information to pull your credit and other information from consumer-reporting agencies.  When providing this information to us, please understand the following:    

      We only request the information needed to estimate your premium.  

      No one from Erie Insurance actually sees your credit report unless you request otherwise.  

      Your personal information is not shared with or sold to any organization.

      Your permission for us to order credit report information is not an authorization for us to share or sell such information.  

      Any information you submit online is encrypted before and during transmission.

Please Note: Insurance terms and definitions are intended for informational purposes only and their applicability may vary from state to state. The provided terms and definitions do not in any way replace or alter the definitions and information contained in individual insurance policies.

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