Business Auto Xtra Protection

The Pioneer Commercial Auto Policy protects you with additional features at no additional cost. Xtra Protection Features include:

  • Coverage up to $100 per day for loss of earnings due to assisting the ERIE in an accident investigation or defense claim.
  • Coverage up to $50 per day for lawyers’ fees if you are arrested as result of an accident.
  • Bail bond coverage up to $500 bail bond required because of an accident or traffic violation involving an auto we insure.
  • All expenses covered to return your stolen auto (if comprehensive coverage is purchased).
  • Transportation expenses up to $20 per day not to exceed $900 (45 days) for the period of time your auto is not available as a result of a comprehensive loss.
  • All expenses necessary to replace a deployed air bag.
  • Sound equipment up to $1,000 when permanently installed in other than the dash or console.

Additional protection also includes reimbursement for coverage for an owned private passenger auto used in Mexico and other foreign countries (not applicable in NY). When you visit a foreign country where your auto insurance coverage doesn’t apply, you will be reimbursed for up to 30 days of premium on a similar type auto policy (not available if you are employed, stationed in the armed services, or attending school in a foreign country).

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