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ERIE's Rate Locksm is only available in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia

Power to the People

September 9, 2011

Carbon watch Life can be full of things that you just can’t control… rising gas prices, untimely appliance breakdowns–even the weather. To feel more in control of things in your life, it’s good to focus on things you do have control over. And now, that list can include your auto insurance premium. 

With ERIE Rate Locksm auto insurance feature, you can lock in your current insurance rate and be protected from rate increases – even if you file a claim or have a violation– until you add or remove a vehicle or driver or change your primary residence. ERIE Rate Lock is applied through the Rate Protection Endorsement, available in the District of Columbia, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or Wisconsin for both new Customers and current Customers making a change to a vehicle, driver, or their address.

Why lock my rate in?

When you have a fender bender or submit a claim, you shouldn’t be punished with increased premiums, right? Everyone makes mistakes. The only damage should be to your car, not your insurance rates.

ERIE Rate Lock offers you pricing stability during economic times that are anything but stable. As gas prices go up and up, you can feel good knowing your insurance premium will remain intact (up to three years in Va.), until you make a change to your policy.

Once the endorsement is in place, if you add or remove a vehicle or driver, or change your primary residence, ERIE will re-rate your policy.

Especially helpful for youthful drivers and fixed income customers

With Rate Lock, you can lock in your insurance rate beyond our usual 12-month policy term. As a result, when you add a young driver to a policy, ERIE can build in the rates for that driver over several years, lessening the initial rate impact. (After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have one less new gray hair over adding your young driver to your policy?)

Plus, if you’re on a fixed income, this endorsement will allow you to budget your annual auto premium knowing you won’t have unexpected increases.

Tell a friend (or two or three)

If the idea of a little stability in these rocky times sounds good to you, be sure to ask your Agent about ERIE Rate Lock next time you are making a change to cars, drivers or your address.  Then tell your friends and family who aren’t insured by ERIE. They can take advantage, too, if they’re smart like you and insure with us. Tell them to check out the company that locks it in.

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