September 2012

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Teens and distracted driving

The bad news is that new technologies especially tempt—and endanger—young drivers. The good news? There’s a lot teens and parents can do to keep themselves and other drivers safe. Learn what you can say and do to help young motorists make smart choices behind the wheel—and what resources ERIE has to help out teens and parents.


Preventing online insurance fraud

The newest online scams are sophisticated enough to ensnare just about anyone. That’s because scammers know just what to say—and the anonymity of the Web makes it easier to foster a false sense of trust. Do you know how to steer clear of online swindlers? If not, read on to see a list of the most common scams and how Identity Recovery Coverage from ERIE can protect you.

Top 8 insurance myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about insurance out there. (Red cars cost more to insure, anyone?) Have you fallen for any of them? Find out as we, along with our myth busting Customer Service team, sets the record straight on the biggest insurance fallacies out there.

Why life insurance really matters

Perhaps no group understands the importance of life insurance more than funeral directors. After all, they often see how policies can help cover final expenses and take care of those left behind. In this story, a trio of young, hip funeral directors shares how their profession changed their views on life insurance. Their stories might change your views—and have you consider life insurance from ERIE.

Struggling to break from the lure of distraction

For some drivers like our columnist, it’s a constant battle to tune out distractions. As many statistics bear out, that’s an especially dangerous mode to be in when you’re behind the wheel. See why it’s sometimes necessary to appeal to your heart as much as to your head when it comes to breaking distracted driving habits.

I’m with ERIE

There’s little argument that Carolina Panthers player Steve Smith is a standout on the gridiron. But did you know that he’s also goes above and beyond as a dad and when it comes to helping those less fortunate? Read on to learn about his work with the Samaritan’s Feet nonprofit, what makes it hard for him to coach his son’s football team and why he thinks ERIE is tops.