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Think Twice

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7 ways to slow down, simplify
and play it smart

BlackBerry is charged. Bills are in the mailbox. Kids are off to school. You’re in the car on the way to work.

And then it happens. A little voice creeps into your head and whispers, “Do my socks match?” And then again, “Is the coffee pot off?”

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  • Conversations
    Readers are rescued by their cell phones
  • Tip Sheet
    Green-friendly lawn mowing, teens perception of driving, how to start a home inventory, and more.
  • Close to Home
    Things newsworthy and noteworthy in your neck of the woods
  • Sense & Sensibility
    Columnist Kathy Felong remembers the dangers of yesteryear
  • I’m with ERIE
    American Poet Nikki Giovanni


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