July 2012
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Are you inviting burglars into your home?

The temperature isn’t the only thing that spikes during the summer months. Home break-ins do, too. Luckily, you can outsmart the burglars by following a few tips from those in the know—in this case, reformed burglars.


To buy or to lease?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re in the market for new wheels: your financial situation, driving preferences, tolerance for repairs and more. If you choose to buy a car, there’s also the decision of whether to go new or used. Before you invest time and money in the process, make sure to consider the pros and cons of going either route and to brush up on the extra protection ERIE has for both car owners and leasers.

8 reasons to review your life insurance

Life often changes—and when it does, your life insurance often should as well. Depending on your family and work situations, the level of coverage you’ll need to ensure you and your loved ones are protected will vary. Learn the eight situations that merit a review and the ways in which Erie Family Life can meet your unique needs.

Long hauls, safe hitches

Bikes, kayaks, trailers, watercrafts—there’s a lot to transport during the warm-weather months. But that extra cargo can cause major damage if it’s not securely attached or you neglect to change your driving style. Find out how to make your haul a safe one by learning how to buy and install a quality hitch, drive with the extra weight and get protection against any roadside emergency with comprehensive coverage from ERIE.

Disaster pop quiz

Bad things can happen to good houses—and the people in them. This quiz will reveal your calamity IQ and fill you in on how to prevent a disaster, how to handle one if it happens and how ERIE can help protect your home.

I’m with ERIE

There’s no doubt that Abraham Lincoln is one of our country’s most admired presidents. After all, how many past White House dwellers have an entire association devoted to people who impersonate them? ERIE Customer James Hayney is one of the members. Read on to see why he dons the top hat most days—and how he fell into this offbeat profession.