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Carbon watch November 18, 2011

Your car’s just another member of the family, right?  That’s why he (or she) often gets a name, just like the people and animal members. On ERIE’s Facebook page, we asked what your car is named – and why. Here’s what some of you said:

The Meowcedes! I drive a Mercedes and do a lot of volunteer work with a cat rescue group. I’m often driving the Meowcedes to vet appointments.” – Christina P.

The Silver Bullet, because it resembles one in both color and shape.” – Ayrn H.

Stretchy McVroom-Vroom. My daughter chose it.” – Jodi R.

Boris…I had to bug-bomb him after a spider infestation following body work.” – Laura D.

Plain Jane, because it has no power windows, no electric seats and nothing fancy – but gets good gas mileage and does well in the winter.” – Sherri B.

The War Wagon.” – Kyle K.

“My daughter owned a Malibu named Barbie! Right after we had to take Jean-Claude GrandAm to the junkyard.” – Nancy J.

“Ours is a white Honda, so she’s called Blanca.” – Craig L.

Green Machine.” – Andrew H.

“My cars have always had names. The first was Captain Crunch (you can imagine why).” – Betty Jo Y.

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