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Author, innovation consultant and dad to a new teen driver

September 15, 2010

Alan Gregerman, Author of Surrounded by Geniuses
Customer with Boizelle Insurance Partnership in Gaithersburg, Md.

Brittany Hills
Alan Gregerman, author

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.

Innovation Consultant, aka Brilliance Revealer: In Alan’s experience working with many of the world's leading companies, he's found that each and every one of us has a genius inside. “My job is to bring out the brilliance in people, to teach them to be curious and open to the possibility of doing things in different and remarkable ways.” He’s the founder and president of Venture Works, Inc.

Experienced geographer turned innovator: Alan wanders the world (figuratively and literally) “looking for brilliance” in people, cultures, and businesses. “Geography is more than knowing the state capitals,” he says. “It’s about having a broader view and a greater openness to what people in other places know. By combining their knowledge with ours, we can make U.S. companies even cleverer and more successful.” Last month, he was in Sweden.

He practices what he preaches: After many fruitless blind dates, Alan ingeniously challenged his friends to introduce him to the woman of his dreams. The prize? Two round-trip airplane tickets to anywhere in the world. The outcome? Alan and his wife, Lisa, celebrate 20 years of marriage this month.

Also, a philanthropist: Ten years ago, Alan launched Passion for Learning, a nonprofit that connects reading, writing, math, science and technology professionals with at-risk kids to reveal the magic in learning and unlock their remarkable potential.

No fear: Alan’s oldest daughter, Sara, was recently added to his policy as a teen driver, but he’s not sweating it (too much!). He says, “Sara understands the seriousness, as well as the excitement, of driving.” In addition to the required road time and driver training program, Alan and his wife, Lisa, a clinical nurse and educator, saw that Sara took supplemental classes to assure she’s road-savvy. 

Why ERIE? “ERIE is a solid, first-class company that strives to make its Customers smarter without a lot of marketing jargon.  I like that, and I’ve relied on ERIE for a lot of years,” Alan says. “They’re always helpful and understand my needs, and my Agent at Boizelle Insurance Partnership always responds quickly to questions about my personal and business insurance.”

To discover some of Alan's innovative ideas, check out Surrounded by Geniuses and his critically-acclaimed blog at