Frequently Asked Questions

How do we submit?

Apply by completing and submitting the Requesting Funds form. If your web browser is Chrome or Safari, submit your Request for Funding as a “Word” document
to If you’re requesting sponsorship for a non-profit event, you’ll need to provide your non-profit’s W-9 FormPDF document. Please allow four to eight weeks for processing requests.

Do you accept requests by fax, U.S. Mail or phone?

Please submit all requests online for the most expedited process.

I have additional materials that go with my request, and your form does not accept attachments? How do I get them to you?

If they are electronic documents, please e-mail them to, clearly identifying the online funding request for which they should be attached. Only if your documents are unable to be e-mailed, please send to:

Erie Insurance Giving Network
Attention: Kathleen Olsen
100 Erie Insurance Place
Erie Pennsylvania 16530

When should we submit?

Deadline to submit funding requests:

December 9, 2015

February 1, 2016

May 12, 2016

August 4, 2016

September 15, 2016

Why does ERIE require organizations to submit all requests for the entire calendar year?

By asking non-profits to submit one request annually, ERIE can gain a better understanding of your organization’s overall efforts. Further, it allows ERIE the opportunity to determine requests that are most closely aligned with our five giving categories and for your organization to receive the maximum contribution.

When will we be notified of a decision?

Typically requests are handled within 4-8 weeks of your online submission date.

Erie Insurance has always supported our organization with a donation whenever we have asked. Why not this year?

Each year we receive hundreds of funding requests from many worthwhile organizations across our footprint. We carefully consider each request, understand the history of each request and ERIE decides based on its fiscal year budget and overall sponsorship or charitable efforts. Please know that ERIE will not support organizations who submit requests for ERIE to be its exclusive funding source.

Contact the Giving Network: