Cereal Do-Gooders Help Local Food Bank

From left to right: ERIE Employees Tiffany D’Onofrio, Mary Pettys, Sherri Polanski, Patti Bruni, Lisa Weisenbach, Jean Wise and Alicia Pelkowski.

March 1, 2013 - It’s not uncommon for coworkers to enter into friendly wagers before the Super Bowl. The Customer Service Division at Erie Insurance put a twist on that tradition by holding a contest that mixed competition with community service.

The Super Cereal Bowl pit the division’s four departments against each other in order to benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania. The winning team was the one that collected the most number of cereal boxes per Employee throughout the entire month of January.

Customer Service Supervisors Kim Buckel (right) and Mary Pettys load donations into the truck.

This year marked not only the event’s third year, but also a record year with 575 boxes collected. The top team included Employees from Billing, the Call Center of Excellence and Strategic Initiatives. They may have been the smallest group at just under 50 Employees, but they donated the most boxes at 2.45 per person.

“Second Harvest is a wonderful local charity,” said Carolyn Kiel, vice president, Call Center of Excellence, who was one member of that winning team. “They have a great facility and are very well organized.”

Alicia Pelkowski, vice president, Life Agent and Policyholder Services, said the effort benefitted Customer Service Employees almost as much as it helped local residents in need.“Each team sets their own goals, which really helps build a sense of teamwork,” she said.  “It’s fun to see the variety of boxes being loaded into the truck. We’ll definitely be doing this again.”