Boomer Esiason Doesn't Pass on Life Insurance

RoadsideSept. 19, 2013 -
Former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Boomer Esiason has certainly faced his share of imposing defensive tacklers while attempting to make that winning touchdown throw or avoid body-crunching sacks during his 14-year NFL career.

Esiason's had to outmaneuver, outwit and outlast his football opponents, first at the University of Maryland and then in the NFL as a Cincinnati Bengal, New York Jet and Arizona Cardinal. But despite using both brain and brawn to defeat thousands of formidable opponents throughout his life, no amount of practice, perseverance or pushing could have prepared Esiason for the early challenge of losing his mother to cancer at age 7 and dealing with the repercussions of her not having life insurance when she died.

Boomer Esiason shares his story. Watch the video.3

"I was handed a life lesson early, growing up with one parent," recalls Esiason, who is serving as the LIFE Foundation's 2013 Life Insurance Awareness Month spokesperson1 to promote the importance of carrying life insurance. "My dad worked extremely hard, and made a three-hour round-trip commute every day from our home on Long Island to New York City," Esiason says. "But the truth is, money was always tight. That meant neighbors and relatives helped us out with things my mother would have taken care of. As kids, we also had to grow up fast and take on more responsibility. If there had been life insurance, we could have hired the help my father needed to keep the household running as my mother had."

Fortunately, with a tremendous amount of hard work and the constant support and help of his dad, sister, coaches, friends, relatives and neighbors, Boomer was able to make it all the way to the NFL and into his current role as a TV sports commentator and co-host of the radio show Boomer and Carton in the Morning. He learned many life lessons along the way. At the top of the lesson list was this: don't pass on life insurance at any age or stage of your life. It's just too important to be without.

Why Life Insurance?

As soon as Esiason was drafted, he purchased life insurance to protect all those he loves — his wife, Cheryl, daughter, Sydney, and son, Gunnar, who is battling cystic fibrosis.

"It's my responsibility to make sure that if something happens to me, my family will be taken care of financially. I also want to make sure Gunnar never has to worry — that he has a financial landing area if I were to die," he says.

Esiason says that, as a child, he learned that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. "Just imagine if something happened to you and you hadn't done the planning. The people you leave behind will feel the brunt of your mistakes," he adds.

Esiason not only encourages those with families to secure life insurance, but he also stresses how important it is for single individuals to take action. In fact, Esiason says that he's made it a point to talk with his daughter, who is 21 years old, about how securing life insurance is taking personal responsibility for her finances and future.

"Sitting down and having that conversation is something that all parents can do as their children get older," he encourages. "Life happens at the most unexpected of times, and life insurance is about protecting the future and the people you love."

Take Action

Follow Esiason's advice and take action now to purchase life insurance and achieve financial protection. The earlier you purchase life insurance, the less it costs and the more it can do for you.

An insurance agent can help you determine what amount and type of life insurance is best for you and your budget. Check out Erie Insurance's life insurance calculator and contact a local ERIE Agent today.2

1The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products. Boomer Esiason is a paid spokesperson retained by LIFE. Learn more at © 2013 LIFE. All rights reserved.

2Erie Family Life insurance products are not available in New York. Refer to our Disclaimer for additional information.

3This video posted with permission from the nonprofit LIFE Foundation. © LIFE 2013. All rights reserved.


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