What You Can Do Prevent Insurance Fraud

We’ve seen how insurance fraud affects you and your wallet. Now what can you do about it? A lot, actually. Start by protecting yourself and your family on the road and at home:

  • Drive defensively. Stay safe distances from other vehicles so you don’t become the victim of a “swoop and squat” forced collision. Protect your vehicle and yourself. Lock your doors, take your keys, roll up your windows, park in well-lit, safe areas and consider installing a theft deterrent device.
  • Keep your home secure. Lock your doors and don’t hide keys outside. If you travel, use timers for lights and appliances and have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper.
  • Keep your auto secure. Leave information out of your car that can be stolen to use for identity theft, such as insurance card, registration card, spare charge cards, and spare house or other car keys.

Be a Fraud Finder

If you suspect insurance fraud, call ERIE’s toll-free Fraud Hotline at (800) 368-6696, or make a report via e-mail: fraud.finders@erieinsurance.com. Telephone calls and e-mails are confidential.

Call or e-mail our investigators when:

  • You suspect insurance fraud.
  • You believe someone is planning insurance fraud, or bragging about it.
  • You know someone who has reported their car stolen, and you see them driving it around.
  • You know someone is faking an injury, or repeatedly receives the same injury.

The hotline and email address are especially designed for ERIE Policyholders. Calls relating to fraud against other insurance companies can be reported to the National Insurance Crime Bureau hotline at (800) 835-6422.

Through your efforts as a Policyholder, and ours as an insurer, we can effectively reduce insurance fraud.

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