2013 Annual Meeting Speeches

April 17, 2013

photoPresident and CEO Terrence W. Cavanaugh

Good morning. And thank you for joining us.

I sometimes wonder whether running a business today is more complex than it was back when ERIE opened in 1925. Like us, ERIE’s founders were growing a business in a highly competitive environment. Customer expectations were evolving, and the economic climate was undergoing significant change.

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Despite those challenges, H.O. Hirt and O.G. Crawford crafted a business model that has endured. The reason has to do with the foundation they laid – a foundation grounded in principles that have stood the test of time. They weren’t just looking for a quick win. They had a greater vision, a perspective on how to create long-term success.

 As a leader, I admire that.

It’s how we continue to run the business today … with a strong bias toward executing in the present, while preparing for the future. Read the full speechpdf

photoExecutive Vice President and CFO Marcia A. Dall

Good morning. It’s great to see everyone back again this year.

Boy time flies … and yet, time creates perspective.

And when I think of perspective, I think of H.O. Hirt. He was a visionary. With the help of his co-founder, O. G. Crawford, he created an organizational model that has a purpose:
… a purpose that has lasted over 8 decades
… a purpose that goes beyond our financial results
… a purpose that engages all of our stakeholders in the long-term success of ERIE.  

This is the path our founders paved for us when they defined ERIE’s purpose –
“To provide as near-perfect protection, as near-perfect service as is humanly possible, and to do so at the lowest possible cost.”

As ERIE leaders, we should never forget our purpose. We must maintain our legacy by building long-term value for our Customers, Agents, Employees  ... and for you, our Shareholders.

You know us. You know our business isn’t just about writing checks – it’s about helping our Customers rebuild their lives. In times of disaster, our Employees, and Agents are on the ground, taking care of our Customers promptly, professionally and with compassion.  Read the full speechpdf


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