Why ERIE? Video Transcript

Silver Spring Branch Manager Sandy Dorsey:

I just love this Company.  This Company has given me every opportunity.  Ohm, they started in the Mail Room.  I don't know how many people can say I started in the Mail Room and I'm a Vice President of Organization, and the Company has given so much.  There are so many people that have taken a personal interest in me and they've paid it forward.  All of them have helped to shape the individual that I am today, and I believe that it's my responsibility as it should be everybody's responsibility to pay that forward, to help shape the future leaders of Erie Insurance.  Our future is very bright.

Al Godfrey:

My relationship with my immediate supervisor is excellent.  I think that she embodies the spirit of ERIE, meaning she puts myself as well as the other District Sales Managers in a position to succeed.  Ohm, the expectations are high in terms of the work that we put in, but the rewards are also high, and the dynamics of the team are great.  Ohm, we know when to get the job done, ohm, but we don't take ourselves too serious that we're not able to loosen our collars up every now and then and just have fun.  Often times you hear employers say we are family. Ohm, I can truly say that at ERIE I truly have that feeling that it is a family environment.  ERIE is not the first insurance carrier that I have worked with, but the first day that I interviewed with ERIE, ohm not only were there questions about me, but there were also questions about my family, and in terms of whether the support was there, ohm and to me that pretty much embodied what ERIE's culture is, ohm, family, all inclusive.  Ohm, we'll help you succeed.  Now, being with other carriers, you know, everyone says we're family, but once you get in the door and you're actually doing the work, you don't really get that family type environment.  Here at ERIE the culture is exactly the way, ohm, it was when it was represented to me when I initially interviewed.  Ohm, very family oriented.  Ohm, ERIE puts you in a position to succeed with training, support from the staffs, support from your supervisors.  Everyone works together toward a common goal to succeed.

Shane Badon:

I knew if I worked really hard as a producer in the agency an opportunity would arise and luckily a DSM position opened up.  I, uh, interviewed for the job, ohm, sat in for two interviews, and at the end, as I say, I'm lucky enough to get a job with Erie Insurance, and they have done great by me and have given me a lot of opportunity.  So, as a DSM, we have telephone conferences with Underwriting, Loss Control and the Branch, and we have these meetings and we debrief on all Commercial business that we have.  I found with those meetings that a lot of the information that was going back and forth from each party was getting lost, so...or someone wasn't retaining the information when asked about it at a later date.  So what I did, in off time I created a SharePoint site called Commercial Pipeline which will then give us the ability, either one of those three parties, to input all of that information in there, into this bank, so all three parties have access to it.  The wonderful part about it all was once I created it and showed it to the team and then showed it to Underwriting and to Loss Control, it was a tool that they embraced and that's probably what I loved about it, not just creating it and making it easy for all of us, was the fact that it spread throughout the Company so some other branches are using it, and in my prior life that's something that I just wouldn't see, that me spending my time to create something and implementing it and then have a company embrace it and give me recognition.  Not that I was looking for it, but they gave me it, and it felt good.  I hold ERIE very close to me.  I mean the world that I came from in wine and spirits and even in other jobs, fantastic jobs, but no company has ever treated me the way ERIE has in many different ways.  Again, they look in my...things I have done for them and the effort I have put, and they recognize it.  I haven't seen that in other jobs, so if anything, it's...I owe ERIE a lot.


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