Bringing Service to Life — Video Transcript

Introduction: Generations of ERIE Employees have lived the promise to be Above all in SERVICESM. It’s a staple of the company’s foundation and a value that is deeply rooted in our history and culture. The slogan was coined by Founder H.O. Hirt, and is embedded in everything we do. Listen to how one ERIE Employee recently delivered this promise of service.

Actuarial helps Agent retain long-time ERIE account. Often Agents will call ERIE’s Actuarial Department with questions about competitors’ quotes or rates. A call to Joe Hohman, associate actuary, provided Agent Dave Townsend with the information to retain a long-time ERIE Policyholder.

Joseph Hohman, actuarial analyst: “Dave called me because he had a family of long-time ERIE Policyholders whose 20-year-old daughter had just gotten a much lower quote with Nationwide, and he wanted to understand if there was anything he could do to keep the Policyholder or explain to them why the quote was so different.”

“Well, when we analyzed the policy information, we realized that at her next renewal, Michelle was going to be charged a much lower rate because she’d be a year older.”

Agent Dave Townsend, D.L. Townsend Insurance Agency: “With the outline of information that Joe provided to me, it was very clear that if the insured was willing to overlook the short-term loss of premium, that they would very quickly in the next couple of years, not only get that money back but substantially see return in premium. And also gain some of the features on the policy.”

Joe: “The Actuarial Department is committed to providing the Agents with the best possible service we can because they’re our partners in this business venture and if they succeed, then we’re all going to succeed.”

Dave: “ERIE’s very accessible, they’re very eager to help. The Actuarial Department is very responsive, they’re very detail oriented and it seems to me that they enjoy providing this information to Agents. The accessibility that we have with the Actuarial Department — or, for that matter any department at Erie Insurance — by far supersedes any access that we have to any other carrier.”

Closing: Stories like the one you just heard are one way that ERIE is keeping its commitment to being Above all in SERVICESM. Employees like this make The ERIE a unique and different insurance company.

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