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Cochranton, PA Insurance Agency

Erie Insurance sells auto, home, life and business insurance through our network of independent agents in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Pedersen Insurance has been proudly serving the Cochranton, Pennsylvania, community since 1961. The agency goes the extra mile to provide the best service humanly possible and is there for customers when needed.

Commitment to Customers

Principal agent R. Craig Pedersen brings 35 years of experience in all lines including life insurance. He makes a promise to his clients that in the event of a loss from a fire, he will be at their home while the event is happening, if humanly possible, to help file a claim.  He readily provides his personal contact information to his clients so that customers can contact him when making a claim. “The people of Cochranton are hard workers, and our agency will work as hard as possible to protect their homes, businesses, autos and life,” says Craig.

Community Service

R. Craig Pedersen is a Cochranton volunteer fire and ambulance life member.  The agency has also sponsored youth softball, baseball and soccer teams in Cochranton.

Well-Rounded Staff

Each member of the staff at Pedersen Insurance has something different to bring to the table. Staff member Martha Pedersen has 20 years of insurance experience and is also a realtor, so she is able to establish real estate market values for clients. Colette Neff is a flood insurance specialist. Michael Pedersen brings three years of experience as a claims adjuster. He applies his knowledge and experience to each client’s situation.

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The agency is located downtown in Cochranton, Pennsylvania on West Adams Street.

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