ERIE Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction Testimonials

Curious about other Customers’ satisfaction with ERIE and the company’s auto insurance coverage? Check out the Customer satisfaction testimonials below to learn more or share your auto insurance customer satisfaction story and we may add your comments here.

Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction

The Wow Factor
“We had a vehicle stolen two weeks ago that we used on a regular basis for our business. We explained to the adjuster how often we used it and how we just had some repair work done on it. The adjuster determined the value of the vehicle and sent us a check from ERIE to buy a new one. All I can say is wow! We have been with ERIE since our business began in 1994 and personally for over 30 years. Thank you to everyone who helped us with our claim.” —Dave and Peggy M., Raleigh N.C.

Team Effort
“My son was involved in a significant accident, and every person we had contact with at ERIE made the whole experience simple …. Each Employee was professional, responded in a timely manner and followed through on what they told us. Thank you for your wonderful staff.” —Sandy H., Lansdale, Pa.

Stellar Service
“My brand-new car was rear ended this past summer, and I had trouble with the other driver’s insurance company. I called my Agent on his cell phone, and he assured me everything would be all right. I found out later my Agent was on vacation at the time celebrating his wedding anniversary. I apologized for contacting him on vacation, but he responded, ‘It was no problem. I’m always here for my insureds, whether that’s while on vacation or sitting behind my desk—you can call me any time.’ This statement really impressed me and my husband. This is what customer service is all about.” —Lorraine V., Rochester, N.Y.

Great Advice
“A tree about 20 feet from our house was struck by lightning this past summer. The adjuster who visited our house told me we’d receive money from ERIE and also gave us tips on what to watch for in the future. She said if the surrounding trees start to change in any way or die, we are to call her immediately. What phenomenal advice. We would have never thought the lightning could run through the roots and affect more trees. We were very comforted by these words of wisdom.” — Steven and Cheryl G., Cameron, N.C.

More Customer Satisfaction Testimonials

Care and Compassion
“My husband died very suddenly two years ago, and my Agent was very quick with his condolences. He helped by delivering the life insurance benefits. My Agent is also active in our small community, which is very much appreciated.” —Sarah K., Albion, Ind.

A Hand to Hold
“My business had a devastating fire that resulted in almost a total loss. With one phone call to Erie Insurance, my claim was taken care of. My adjuster went above and beyond the call of duty and has walked me through every step of my loss. I was always greeted with a warm, friendly and understanding voice, and I always felt like a real person, not just another policy number. With Employees like this, I knew I was not alone. I will recommend ERIE to everyone.” —James B., Fairfield, Ohio

Remarkable Representatives
“I am in the process of purchasing my first home, and my Agent has been such a great help. She made the experience very easy …. I am so glad someone recommended this agency to me. You should consider yourselves lucky to have an Agent like mine representing your company. Thank you.” —Tara A., Hazelton, Pa.

Because of ERIE’s commitment to service, the company continually receives distinguished marks for service from independent consumer organizations. Read more about ERIE’s customer satisfaction ratings.

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