Luscious Layers Bakery


Ashley Galliart , Owner of Luscious Layers Bakery
Customer with Woodman Cison & Associates in Prospect Heights, Ill.

How the business got baked: “I went to art school in Memphis and started working at a bakery as my side job. When I moved back to Chicago I continued working in the field. Eventually I realized I had a talent—and a passion— for baking and decorating. But I wanted to do it my own way. In order to have creative control, I decided to open my own business. With a lot of time, research and help from my husband, we were able to make it happen.”

What’s flying out the door: “Our biggest sellers are simple, elegant wedding cakes. They’ve always been popular, and I think they always will be. Our most popular flavor, though, is champagne cake with strawberries and whipped cream. It’s light and fresh and a nice alternative to basic white cake.”

Arcade cake: “My favorite cake was a Mario Brothers wedding cake. I think it’s great when a bride lets her groom-to-be have creative control over something – even if it isn’t traditional or what she might have had in mind. But the most memorable event was very recently when we provided a dessert table for the Under a New Moon event in Chicago. It was a midnight civil union ceremony for six couples. I was running on lots of coffee for a midnight delivery time, but it was totally worth it. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun.”

Knee-deep in wedding cake: “In the middle of wedding season, the store smells AWESOME. The mixer is constantly going, someone is stacking cakes and someone else is pulling things out of the oven. A lot of days, I’m meeting with potential brides. Fridays are crazy – I’m decorating cakes all day long. The bakery is pretty small, and I only have a staff of four ladies. Everyone does what they can – we are all pretty good at multi-tasking.”

Why ERIE? “My insurance agent recommended ERIE. He said it was the best coverage for the best price. We haven’t had any problems requiring a claim, thank goodness, and we are very happy with ERIE.”

Best part about baking: “I love the looks on customers’ faces when they see the cakes. You usually only get custom cakes for special occasions, so knowing that I was able to do something to make a celebration a little extra tasty and fun makes my day. The world can always use a little more sweetness, and I’m glad to do my part!”

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