Child Car Seats: How To Find The Best Value

Choosing a car seat is incredibly daunting. As a first-time parent of a 1-yr-old who’d outgrown his infant seat, buying the next-stage car seat was at the top of my “Big decisions I don’t know how to make” list.

I was relieved when I read that any car seat rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (pretty much every car seat on the market) meets Federal Safety Standards.

Still, standing in front of displays, I felt like I was shopping for wine. There were some expensive choices and some not-so-expensive choices. And very little indication of what was actually “good” or right for my car and my baby. In the end, we went with the Graco MySize 70 so we could keep him rear-facing a little bit longer.

If you’re in the market and need to get the best value: here’s an article worth your read from The Car Connection. Just remember to check ease of use through NHTSA’s handy review chart.

Parents and caregivers have many different choices when it comes to choosing car seats to safely transport their children in the family vehicle. How do you find the best value car seat? It all comes down to selecting the car seat that is the best to meet your needs, fits your vehicle and your budget. Among the recommended…

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