Infographic: 8 Tips for a Safe Sledding Season

An Ode to Sledding Safety
Start by making sure to wear lots of clothes, add extra to keep you warm and dry when it snows.
Parents, you'll have one less thing about which to fret if you make your kids wear some sturdy helmets.
Use sleds with runners and steers, they make it easier to switch gears.
Make sure to choose the right spot, not one that ends in a street, pond, drop off, or lot.
Keep hands and feet tucked safely inside, from the very start to the stop of the ride.
Don't go head first, backwards, or belly flop, doing so makes it way too hard to stop.
Pass on the snow disk and toboggan, they both make it more likely you'll hurt your noggin.
Never attach a sled to the back of a snowmobile, ATV, or vehicle, if you have an accident, changes are it could be lethal.
Most blunders happen to children 14 and under and 34 percent involve the head. These stats show why you need to take precautions when riding a sled.
By keeping these tips in mind while you sled, you'll be able to enjoy your hobby for years ahead.
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Here are eight easy ways to help ensure a safe sledding season for you and your family. /blog/safe-sledding Erie Insurance