A World Without Auto Fatalities?

Car crashing into another car

As car safety technologies have improved over the decades, auto fatalities have decreased.

Experts predict that it may be possible to reach a point in the future in which there are no auto fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety will soon release a report showing that no auto fatalities occurred in a record number of vehicles during a three-year period.

Why so safe?

Today’s cars feature an array of high-tech safety options. Unlike older technologies that mitigated the effects of being in an accident, new technologies actually help prevent accidents in the first place. Some of the most promising technologies include:

  • Tire-pressure monitoring
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Adaptive headlights that adjust light based on conditions
  • Rearview cameras
  • Reverse backup sensors that beep when you’re about to hit something
  • Sideview assist that helps you monitor your blind spot
  • Parking assist that helps you safely park in tight spaces
  • Autonomous braking that makes your car stop if you fail to heed a warning
  • Forward collision avoidance that alerts you when you’re getting too close to something in front of you

Thanks to widespread adoption of newer safety technologies, some smaller, modestly priced options like the Honda Fit are receiving very high safety ratings.

Even still, we’re nowhere near eliminating accidents just yet. So make sure to practice sound safety practices such as avoiding driving distracted. Also make sure you have the right auto insurance to cover any damage to your vehicle.

Car safety technology is making the roads safer than ever. Could it someday help eliminate auto fatalities? /blog/auto-fatalities Erie Insurance