Is Auto Insurance Tax Deductible? It Depends
March 2018 15
Thinking about the different IRS-approved deductions as you prepare your tax returns may lead you to wonder: Is auto insurance tax deductible? The answer? It depends on how you use the car and other factors.
Five Books Every Business Owner Needs to Read
February 2018 21
From teamwork to impact to leadership, here's a list of five business books every business owner should read.
11 Quick Ways to Wow Your Customers and Boost Loyalty
January 2018 23
Business extras can make a big difference. Learn about ways to increase your customer loyalty base and what you can do to keep them coming back for more.
Are You Covered When an Employee Claims Harassment, Discrimination?
January 2018 23
If an employee sues your business for a wrongful act like sexual harassment or discrimination, would you be covered? Many business owners may not realize that they have a gap in their insurance coverage that leaves them vulnerable in these situations.

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Cybersecurity: Two Things You Can Do Now to Speed Up Data Recovery After a Breach
January 2018 23
Here are two things you can do to facilitate data recovery in the event of a cyber-attack or equipment breakdown that will help save time and money.
5 Tips to Strengthen Your Business in 2018
January 2018 12
We've pulled together some tips for small businesses that will help strengthen and enhance their current plans for this year and beyond.
Celebrate Small Business Saturday
November 2017 22
This holiday season, it pays to support the local businesses in your community on Small Business Saturday.
Is Your Business Data Secure?
October 2017 17
Every business is at risk of a data breach. Protect your business data by taking a few precautions.
Ask ERIE: Why Is My Business Being Audited?
October 2017 04
An insurance audit can benefit your business. An audit can ensure your coverage is up to date and that you're paying the proper amount.
4 Business Tips from the Hit TV Show Shark Tank
September 2017 29
The popular reality show, Shark Tank, features entrepreneurs who pitch business ideas to a panel of potential investors...or "sharks." Here are four TV-inspired tips to help keep your business swimming forward this year.