Is Your Business Data Secure?
October 2017 17
Every business is at risk of a data breach. Protect your business data by taking a few precautions.
Ask ERIE: Why Is My Business Being Audited?
October 2017 04
An insurance audit can benefit your business. An audit can ensure your coverage is up to date and that you're paying the proper amount.
4 Business Tips from the Hit TV Show <i>Shark Tank</i>
September 2017 29
The popular reality show, Shark Tank, features entrepreneurs who pitch business ideas to a panel of potential investors...or "sharks." Here are four TV-inspired tips to help keep your business swimming forward this year.
How to Save Money on Your Business Energy Bill
September 2017 28
An easy way to curb business costs is through your energy bill. Whether you manage a facility or work out of your home, you can take steps to save energy.

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June 2017 02
With business auto insurance, customers often ask us how coverage works in certain situations.
The Gig Gap
May 2017 12
Independent consultants often need extra coverage.
Infographic: Evolution of the Gig Economy
May 2017 02
During National Small Business Week, we take a look back at some of the most common side gigs through the decades.
6 Free Apps for Business Owners
April 2017 04
Technology can be a business owner’s best friend—and sometimes, it doesn’t cost a thing.