Are you buying the right firewood?


A warm fire is more than just a welcome comfort during these cold winter months. It’s also a way for many cost-conscious families to save money on their heating bills.

Unfortunately, fires can be dangerous. And that’s especially true if you’re not buying the right firewood. The Chimney Safety Institute of America reported that there were 22,500 structural fires that started in a fireplace or a chimney in 2011.

The right firewood can dramatically reduce your risk of a house fire. So before you head out to grab the materials for your next cozy evening, you’ll want to keep these questions in mind.

  • How do I buy the right firewood? It’s easy to go to your local hardware store and purchase whatever is on display. But there are other things to consider, such as your storage options and how long you want the wood to burn. Read more
  • How does buying the right firewood affect my health and my chimney? Burning unseasoned woods at lower temperatures can negatively affect your health. It can also cause dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney. Read more
  • Which kinds of firewood should I avoid? Not all wood should be used as firewood. That’s because some woods emit foul-smelling or even toxic fumes when they burn. Read more
  • Where should I store my firewood? Firewood that is properly stored will help the fire burn more efficiently. Read more
  • How do I build a safe fire? Chimney fires accounted for $35 million in property damage in 2011. By learning how to keep your fire burning safely and making sure to get your chimney professionally cleaned, you can keep from adding to that figure. Read more
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