Understanding Auto Insurance-ERIE "Xtras"
November 2017 14
“Xtra Protection Features” that are automatically included with your ERIE auto policy. Here are just a few of the things you’re covered for (and always have been).
Understanding Auto Insurance Endorsements
November 2017 14
Think of endorsements as “added options” to your auto policy. Just like you could customize your vehicle, endorsements allow you to customize your coverage.
Getting the Best Value for Your Auto Insurance Needs
November 2017 08
You may be eligible for valuable discounts on your auto policy. We want to make sure you're getting the best value for your dollar based on the coverage you and your family need.
Understanding Your Auto Coverage
November 2017 03
You know if you have a car, you need auto insurance. However, you’re probably not thinking about what kind of coverage you have until you need it. From protecting your car, to protecting your passengers and any prized possessions along for the ride, it’s good to know your ERIE policy has you covered for life’s little mishaps.

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How to Organize a ‘Trunk-or-Treat’ Event
October 2017 06
There’s a new way to trick-or-treat that’s been gaining momentum in communities over the past few years. It’s called Trunk-or-Treat. Specific organizations or businesses partner with one another to offer a less-spooky alternative to the typical nighttime trick-or-treating Halloween event.
Lane Departure Technology Leads to Fewer Accidents
September 2017 22
A recent report from IIHS indicated lane departure technology helped to decrease car crashes and injuries.
Buckle Up—Even in the Back Seat
September 2017 21
The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) recently reported on a survey they conducted about safety belt usage among adult passengers. The survey found adults have a misperception that buckling up in the back seat is optional.
Tips to Keep Your Football Tailgate Safe
September 2017 08
Football season has officially arrived. And with that, tailgating season has begun, too. We know what it takes to host a successful tailgate, but it’s important to keep yourself, your cars and your guests safe, too. Here’s what you need to know before the big tailgate.
Back to School Tips for Drivers
September 2017 06
It's important for drivers to slow down and keep an eye out for kids in their neighborhoods and around schools. Here are some driving tips to keep in mind as kids head back to the classroom.
Top Cars for Seniors
September 2017 05
As drivers age, there are important attributes to look for in a vehicle. Consumer Reports pulled together a list of vehicles that meet the needs of aging drivers.