The Difference between Regular and Premium Gas
May 2017 23
Find how what separates them—and why filling your car with the right fuel matters.
Six Questions to Ask an Insurance Agent
May 2017 18
Learn a few of the questions it's worth discussing with an insurance agent when your life changes.
You Love It, We Insure It
May 2017 09
Now is the time of year to bring out boats, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and more. Find out the options ERIE offers to protect your favorite toys.
Ask ERIE: When Should I Add My New Teen Driver to My Auto Policy?
May 2017 01
Learn when is the right time--and how to save money on the premium.

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These Are the Safest Cars for Teens
April 2017 25
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety used its strictest criteria yet to come up with the best vehicle choices for young drivers.
When and How to Replace Windshield Wipers
April 2017 17
Are your windshield wipers holding their own against April showers?
Will Self-Driving Cars Eliminate Distracted Driving? Most People Think So, Says New National Survey
March 2017 30
A new national study reveals people’s views on self-driving cars.
Auto Fatalities on the Rise, Again
March 2017 06
Despite better car safety technology, a new report reveals that traffic deaths were up once again in the past year.
On the Horizon: Better Seat Belts for Seniors
March 2017 03
Today's seat belts aren't optimal for our aging population--but change may be coming soon.
The Add-on Every New Car Needs
February 2017 14
Ah, there’s nothing like that new car feeling when you buy a car -- that distinct new car smell and the lush interior. The techy gadgets and the sweet sound system. But after you finish selecting all the options you want, there’s one more you might consider. And that’s a small add-on to your auto insurance policy.