Claims Service You Can Count On

Over the years, ERIE has earned numerous accolades for outstanding claims service. That’s something Customers are especially glad they can rely on when catastrophes like Superstorm Sandy hit.

During Sandy, ERIE deployed adjusters from all 12 of its territories along with specially equipped vans known as Claims Response Units (CRUs). Those adjusters then put in 15 hour-days for weeks on end to make sure each Customer received prompt, compassionate service during those difficult days.

ERIE received hundreds of messages from satisfied Customers after Sandy. Here are just a few of the things they had to say:

“I’ve been with Erie Insurance since 1966, and you have been there for me through three major events: an auto accident, a home break-in and now Superstorm Sandy. In each instance, I was treated not like a Customer, but like a friend. You have no gimmicks–just great people.”

“After Superstorm Sandy hit, my town was without heat, hot water and power for more than 13 days. We also had difficulty driving due to blocked roads and no functioning traffic lights. Luckily, I could take comfort in working with an adjuster who was polite, articulate and knowledgeable. Each morning, there was often a voicemail from him asking if I was feeling satisfied and safe throughout the process. It has been a pleasure working with Erie insurance because of people like him.”

“We appreciate how quickly everything was handled. Our neighbors, who suffered much more damage, have had to wait nearly a week for an adjuster to come out the first time. It seems we’ll have our repairs and cleanup completed before they even understand their coverage. I’ve recommended ERIE as we have always had good experiences with you.”

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