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More Couples Falling for Fall Weddings

A 2016 survey of more than 13,000 brides by revealed that September and October are tied as the most popular months to marry.

From natural beauty to living décor, fall weddings have a lot to offer. Here are a few fall wedding trends you might consider for your big day.


Fall has comfortable temperatures and scenery filled with creamy caramels, rich oranges, vibrant reds and deep purples.

Make the most of this natural beauty by using local or family gardens or an open forest setting for your big day. Taking advantage of nature’s decoration can save you money and provide a brilliant backdrop for photos.

Thinking about having the wedding at home? Then make sure to consider these four things for your at-home wedding.


Maybe you’re like me and live in a place where it snows nine months out of the year (or maybe it just seems like it). If so, take advantage of another fall trend – bringing the outdoors inside. Using woodland items like branches, willows, wildflowers and green garlands is not only beautiful–it’s also inexpensive.

Bringing the outdoors inside doesn’t mean sticking to browns and greens. Colors like foliage-inspired oranges and reds with deep purple are also trending. Incorporating fall bounty like apples, pumpkins and figs saves money and delivers a pop of color.

Soft Lighting

Tiered candles or scattered votives create a romantic, relaxed atmosphere for your guests. Candles are also an opportunity to showcase metallics, another popular trend for fall.


Wispy, whimsical arrangements are out, while larger flowers with wide open, vibrant blooms are in. Flowers like peonies and hydrangeas are a favorite of brides this fall, with the trend being disorganized, natural looking flowers – or what I like to call the “just picked” look.


What? You heard me right: insurance. If you have any questions about coverage for your bling, gifts, home or more, contact a professional like an Erie Insurance Agent in your community.

Move over, spring and summer–fall weddings are surging in popularity. Get ideas to make yours special and check out newlywed tips for any season. /blog/couples-falling-fall-weddings Erie Insurance