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17 Easy and Inexpensive Curb Appeal Ideas

Did you know that August is National Curb Appeal Month?

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your home as viewed from the street. It’s an important component in making your house feel like a home. It’s also critical when it comes time to sell your home. Not surprisingly, homes with the most curb appeal typically sell faster and for more money.

Could your home benefit from a little home improvement? If so, check out the following list. It contains some simple curb appeal ideas most any homeowner can take on.

Easy and inexpensive curb appeal ideas

    1. Edge along the sidewalk and walkway.

    2. Trim your shrubs. Remove any ones that are in bad shape.

    3. Hire a pro to cut back any overgrown trees.

    4. Clean the interior and exterior sides of your windows.

    5. Inspect your shutters and front door.
    If they look worn, apply an extra coat of paint or two.

    6. Consider buying a new mailbox if your current one is looking worse for the wear. Just make sure to check with your city and/or homeowners association to see if there are any mailbox regulations.

    7. Plant some flowers or even a tree.
    Consult with a greenhouse expert to make sure you choose ones that will work in your area and with your house. If you don’t have anywhere to plant, consider starting a container garden or adding flower boxes to your windows.

    8. Swap out your exterior light fixtures. Make it easy by looking for fixtures that work with your current mounts.

    9. Power wash your driveway and walkway.

    10. Clean and stain your deck.

    11. Take good care of your lawn. This means regularly fertilizing, mowing and watering it. Also make sure to reseed any bare patches.

    12. Replace a worn welcome mat.

    13. Hang an attractive seasonal wreath on your front door.

    14. Replace a worn doorknob or lockset on your front door.

    15. Install outdoor lighting. It can be as easy as placing solar powered lights along your walkway.

    16. Tend to your planter beds.
    In addition to planting flowers, you’ll want to yank out any weeds and properly mulch your beds. You might also consider adding a stone or brick border around your beds.

    17. Add some outdoor artwork.
    Some curb appeal ideas for outdoor artwork include birdbaths, ornamental bird houses, weather-resistant sculptures, wind chimes and small fountains.

Major projects like replacing a roof and residing your home are also important when it comes to curb appeal. So in addition to the simple curb appeal ideas above, make sure to also keep bigger projects that require hiring a contractor in mind as well.

Also remember to let your Erie Insurance Agent know about any major home improvement projects. A larger-scale home improvement project could up the value of your home, so you’ll want to be sure you have enough coverage in the event something unfortunate occurs.

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